Hair Transplant Surgery

Clinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Dr Yakup Şensoy MD. Istanbul/Turkey

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation with FUE method is a method that provides a permanent solution to baldness treatment. Healthy hair follicles are located in the back of the head. First, get these roots from here. We call this procedure folicular unit extraction. We then transplant these roots into balding areas. If the transplantation is done with sufficient frequency and correct technique, it will have a natural appearance. What is important is that hair transplantation is a medical procedure. Therefore, it should be managed and done by Doctors.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

In fact, hair transplantation is performed only in case of androgenetic hair loss. Hair begins to fall out with puberty in men. Mostly, hair transplantation is preferred after the age of 25. Medical treatments can be tried before this age. Many men around the age of 40-50 complain of hair baldness. In this case, we can talk about two important rules. Firstly, the cause of Baldness must be for androgenetic reasons. Secondly, the donor area should be suitable. In other words, there should be enough roots behind the head where the roots will be taken.

Which methods are used for hair transplant?

The most used method is FUE. We also use and recommend this method. In this method, we collect the roots one by one from the back of the head. These roots are called “graft” or “folicular unit”. Because, It is the least traumatic method. There is no scar in the places where it was taken. Also, wounds heal easily.

In the FUT method, a piece of skin is removed from the back of the head. Then the roots are separated from this skin piece one by one. This process should be do under a microscope.

The DHI method is also called the pen or choi method. Roots are collect as in Fue. But during planting, planting pens are use. It is technically difficult. It requires a lot of staff. Has no advantage over Fue.

How is FUE hair transplantation done?

Fue is the best hair transplant method according to us. Hair follicles so grafts, are taking from the back of the head on the nape. We use a micromotor to collect the grafts. We use gathering tools called Micro Punch. Generally Micro Punch is 08 mm in diameter. It cuts out the grafts by turning them around. Later, the roots are collect and kept in a special solution. Millimetric channels are open for the grafts collected in the area to be transplanted. A slit, scalpel, needle tip or sapphire can use to open channels. This depends on the surgeon’s preference. Then, grafts are transplanted one by one into these opened channels. Also, we use local anesthesia for all these procedures.

Where should hair transplant be done?

Hair transplantation can only be applied legally in health institutions in Turkey. Also Like other surgeries, it should be done under sterile conditions. Dr Yakup Şensoy makes hair transplantation in a fully equipped private hospital. This hospital is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Additionally, there are special rooms created for hair transplantation in the hospital. Hair transplantation is performed in these special hospital rooms. Our hospital has the same certificates as its European equivalents.

Who can do a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is performed only by doctors who have hair transplant surgery permission. Technicians are not legally authorized to transplant hair in Turkey. If you are looking for a safe center, be sure to contact doctors. Ask on the internet whether this person is a doctor or not.