Is it Worth it To Get a Hair Transplant?

Is it Worth it To Get a Hair Transplant
Is it Worth it To Get a Hair Transplant? Clinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Dr Yakup Şensoy MD. Istanbul/Turkey

Will İt Be Worth İt To Have A Hair Transplant?

Question: My front hair has completely fallen out. I’m thinking of using a wig. But my friends who came to Turkey and had a hair transplant are very happy. I can not decide is it worth it to get a hair transplant?

Lukas *** Munich Germany March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):

Hair transplantation is the best method for baldness treatment today. It really works. The retention rate of the hair we transplant is over 90%. Especially with the Sapphire FUE technique, this success rate increases. But for hair transplantation to be successful, you must choose the right center. First of all, the doctor should evaluate you and decide whether you are really suitable for hair transplantation. If you are suitable, you will definitely get results from hair transplantation with the right planning. Hair transplantation can only be performed by doctors in Turkey. Therefore, inquire whether the person you are communicating with is a doctor.

What Are the Disadvantages of Hair Transplant?

Question: I want to have a hair transplant, but I’m afraid of any side effects. Will my hair fall out again? Will it go back to how it was? Is the transplanted hair permanent? What are the disadvantages of hair transplant?

Alexander *** Ingolstadt Germany March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):

Well-planned and well-done hair transplantation is very successful. First of all, you must be suitable for hair transplantation. For this reason, a doctor should see you first. Then it is necessary to make a correct planning. Over or under planting reduces success. In the case of androgenetic alopecia, the roots are sensitive to the hormone testosterone. If precautions are not taken, the transplanted hair may also be affected. For this reason, after hair transplantation, you should never break your connection with the transplanting doctor. We take precautions for all kinds of negativities that may occur during hair transplantation. In addition, we perform hair transplantation in a private and fully equipped hospital. Hair transplant rooms are specially prepared for this job.

How Many Years Does a Hair Transplant Last
How Many Years Does a Hair Transplant Last

How Many Years Does a Hair Transplant Last?

Question: How many years will the hair be permanent after transplanting? There are those who say it will last a lifetime. But there are those who shed and replant. How many years does a hair transplant last?

Lio *** Mannheim Germany March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):

The most important cause of male pattern hair loss is androgenetic baldness. In other words, the roots are affected by the hormone testosterone. This effect is very high in young men. For this reason, the transplanted hair is also definitely affected. We use some drugs to protect this hair. After transplant, We will tell you in detail what these drugs are after hair transplantation. We will always be in contact with you after hair transplantation. In this way, your hair can be permanent for many years without shedding.

Can You Go Bald After Hair Transplant?

Question: Is it worth having a hair transplant? How long will the permanence of hair transplantation last? How much of the transplanted hair falls out? Any chance of going bald again? Can you go bald after hair transplant?

Felix *** Frankfurt Germany March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):

You will not be bald after a properly performed hair transplant. The failure rate in hair transplantation is extremely low. The transplanted hair will be permanent for a very long time. However, you should still not disconnect from your hair transplant doctor. Especially in young people, there is a possibility of shedding as androgenic activity continues strongly. Necessary measures should be taken for this.

Can You Go Bald After Hair Transplant
Can You Go Bald After Hair Transplant

Is There a Risk Of Death İn Hair Transplantation?

Question: I read some negative news in the newspapers. It is said that sometimes very serious problems can arise in hair transplantation. Which is the most reliable center for hair transplantation? Where should hair transplantation be done? Is there a risk of death in hair transplantation?

Linus *** Rostock Germany March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation. Therefore, it should be done by doctors. It is legally forbidden for people who are not doctors to have hair transplantation. Unfortunately, some ineffective people make hair transplantation under unsuitable conditions. Therefore, the risk increases. Hair transplantation should be done under hospital conditions and by doctors to reduce all risks. If all these conditions are met, the risks that occur, although very rarely, will be minimized. Hair transplantation is a safe operation if done under the right conditions.

Why Does The Transplanted Hair Not Grow?

Question: The hair transplant results I see on the internet are very good. Are the results really that perfect? There are also those who say that my hair did not grow on complaint sites? Can hair transplantation fail? Why does the transplanted hair not hold? Why does the transplanted hair not grow?

Aksel *** Nuremberg Germany March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):

The probability of hair transplant failure is extremely low. There are several main reasons for failure. Hair transplantation to unsuitable people is one of them. The second is that the correct technique is not used. Third, some technical mistakes are made. Rare conditions such as infection and necrosis are also causes of failure. Therefore, hair transplantation should be performed by experienced doctors who have gained expertise in hair transplantation. Hospitals and surgical medical centers are suitable places for hair transplantation. Patient selection should be done correctly. Care should be done correctly after hair transplantation.

Why Does The Transplanted Hair Not Grow
Why Does The Transplanted Hair Not Grow

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